Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Survivor..... Louisiana Style.'

Due to the popularity of the survivor shows,
an LSU network is planning to do it's own show entitled:
'Survivor..... Louisiana Style.'
The contestants will start in New Orleans ,
then travel up to Baton Rouge
From there, they will head over to Lafayette then go
West to Lake Charles .
They will proceed up to Alexandria , then over to
Next, they'll drive north to Shreveport , east to
Monroe, then head down south through Columbia ,
Olla, Urania, and Tullos, with a quick detour
through Trout and Jena .
Heading back to Alexandria , they will then go to
Marksville, then to New Roads on their way
through Baton Rouge , Gonzales,and back
to New Orleans
Each will be driving a pink Volvo with a California license plate
and large bumper stickers that read:

'Ban the boiling of crawfish'

'Duck hunters are wussies'

'Mardi Gras is a pagan holiday'

'Outlaw river boat gambling'

'Pickup trucks are for sissies',

and , finally,

'LSU football sucks!'

The first one who makes it back to New Orleans alive, Wins.

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