Friday, May 30, 2008

Texas NAHRO President challenges Region!

We got a "BIG" surprise for the Texas State Basket this year. I challange Y'all to have a bigger more unique state basket.Steve ShortsPresident, TXNAHRO

Other Comments:

Oboy!! It is time for the good times! See you all there! Barbara - De Leon, TX.

Can't wait to visit my friends in Louisiana. Most hospitable people in the world. Betty - Breckenridge, TX

I love to receive the emails. The music is a great start to my day! Already excited about the conf. Ya'll really know how to host one. See ya soon!! Nancy Roark

What a great job, counting the days until the conference. Sherry - Norman, OK

Ya'll sure know how to make a boy homesick. Wish you all the best ! Ed Hawkins

Wow, this Blog is great. I stumbled on to this site by accident. I don't know who you all are, but I think this the best I have ever seen in advertising an event. I wish I were close enough to visit you during your Fest! You people know what's HOT!
I think I'll have to visit the south and experience your style!

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