Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EduCajun #3

Bon Jour Mes Amis!

Its Holy Week here in Cajun Country and soon our Lenten journey of sacrifice and penance will come to an end with the celebration of Easter. As Roman Catholics, Cajuns regard Easter as one of the most important religious holidays, and they celebrate it much like Christians throughout the United States: they prepare Easter baskets, tell stories about the "Easter bunny," exchange candy presents, and dye, hide, and hunt chicken eggs.

However, a traditional Cajun game played on Easter Day is pâcquer, or pâcque-pâcque, terms deriving from the French word for Easter, Pâcques. Contestants’ select hard-boiled eggs, pair off, and tap the eggs together — the player whose egg does not crack is the winner. The kids around these parts carefully choose their eggs in hopes to win the role of champion. Of course some of them try to "pull the wool" over the eyes of their opponents. My brother used to freeze his eggs while we were busy devouring candy from the Easter baskets.
Why not start a new tradition this Easter? Try a little game of pâcquer (pa-kay) with your children or grandchildren, husband, wife, Boudreaux, Thibodeaux...

The Blog has been updated and this time we added a little Cajun music to entertain you while you read and explore. There is also a recipe for Roux (roo). Many Cajun dishes start off with a roux and if you're able to master the art, you'll be on your way to becoming a great Cajun Chef! http://southwestfest.blogspot.com/ Mais Cher, sign our guest book! We'd sure like to hear from ya!
Have you made your plans for Lafayette?
Have you registered, signed up for the golf tournament and placed an ad? Well then…
Happy Easter to you and yours!
Allons A Lafayette! (Let's go to Lafayette)

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